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Edificio ex-Bagnetti

Gavorrano (GR), Italy

Type Municipal Office
Building Area 550 mq
Status Feasibility Project


Client –  Comune di Gavorrano – Ufficio Tecnico

The project aims to functionally recover the building for collective and cultural activities of the Tuscan municipality and give the citizens a piece of the history of their city. It is part of a broader program aimed at improving the quality of life in urban areas and in inland areas of Tuscany, encouraging the reuse of already urbanized areas. The redevelopment and transformation of the former mine into municipal offices provides for the arrangement of the premises through the volumetric subdivision of the rooms, promoting agile working. It starts from the awareness of the relationship between the new offices and the city center, creating a connecting pedestrian path that can harmonize in a sustainable way with the current road network. The interiors are identified through the intelligent use of different colors and much attention has been given to technologies to make the work experience better.